Travel Tips


  • You will have to complete immigration/customs formalities at every airport.
  • Airport departure taxes apply at different levels for neighboring countries and may not include in the cost of your tour.
  • At certain airports, you may be asked to identify your baggage before boarding the aircraft. Airport security staff will direct you to the appropriate task.
  • On Indian Airlines flights checked-in baggage allowance in economy class is 20kgs/44lbs per person and in business class it is 30 kgs/62lbs per person.
  • Kindly ensure that any knives, scissors, sharp implements, canned food and batteries including camera batteries are carried in your checked in baggage.
  • Request the security officer to have your camera and film carried around the X-ray machine.


  • VCR equipment are allowed at most monuments provided you are not filming for commercial purpose.
  • Photography is prohibited in some areas including certain government buildings, bridges, railway platforms and some monuments.
  • Do not photograph defense and police personnel in uniform.


  • Hotels where you stay are the best place to exchange foreign currency as they obtain current exchange rates from the banks.
  • Exchange money through authorized channels only.
  • Keep the Encashment Certificate in order to reconvert the unused Indian Rupees at the end of the journey.
  • The import and export of Indian Rupees is strictly prohibited.

Other Important Tips

  • Always keep a water bottle and water purification tablets.
  • Ensure your baggage is securely locked.
  • No refunds are possible against lost tickets so please ensure safe custody of your tickets.
  • Do not offer alms to the beggars.
  • Use your best judgement and be circumspect while making any purchases.
  • Kindly ensure all visa/passport documentation is complete.